Blackbird Cafe Cocktails


  • Frozen Daiquiri
    Bacardi Rum, sugar, lemon juice ice as the
    base: Select from:
    Strawberry | Mango | Mix Berry
  • Margarita
    Terquilla, Tripple Sec, lemon & sugar
  • Pornstar Martini
    Vanilla vodka, Passao, sweet and sour & passionfruit pulp
  • Mojito
    White Rum, lime, mint leaves & soda water
  • Singapore Sling
    Gin, Dom benedectine, Cherry Liquor, Triple Sec, pineapple juice, lime juice, grenadine, angosture
  • Toblerone
    Baileys, Frangelico, Kahlua & chocolate
  • Negroni
    Gin, Martini Rosso & Campari
  • Mosco Mule
    Vodka, fresh lime juice & Ginger Beer
  • Dark & Stormy
    Dark Rum, lime juice & Ginger Beer
  • Aperol Spritz
    Aperol, prosecco & soda water


  • Tropical Summer Mix
    A sweet mix of mango puree, Raspberry Vodka & Malibu that is going to leave you speechless
  • Purple Rain
    Introducing a serious concoction of Vodka,
    Gin, Rum, Peach Liquor, Blue Curacao, lemonade, sweet & sour w. grenadine
  • Sweet Emotion
    Get yourself in a twist of Vodka, Passoa, Paraiso
    Lychee, lemonade, curacao, lemon & sugar
  • Between the sheets
    This enticing blend of Rum, Cognac, Triple Sec
    & lemon juice
  • Long Beach
    It speaks for itself, need we say more? Vodka,
    Rum, Gin, Triple Sec sweet & sour finished w.
    cranberry juice
  • London Ice Tea
    Our own in house mixologist twist on the classic
    Vodka, Rum, Gin, Triple Sec, sweet & sour
    finished w. Beer
  • Oreo Crunch
    Blackbird’s decadent concoction of Bailey’s,
    Frangelico, Kahlua topped off with chocolate
    & Oreo biscuits
  • Blue Heart Bliss
    A sexy martini with a light and refreshing
    flavour. Peach & Raspberry Vodka, lemon sour,
    sugar syrup, elder flower cordial, Blue Curacao
    garnished w. an orchid


  • Zombie | serves 4
    Amaretto, Tripple Sec, Gold Rum, Malibu,
    Pineapple juice, Grenadine, carbonated
    with dry ice
  • Deadly Candy Apple | serves 4
    Three Oaks cider and Butterscotch Schnapps,
    carbonated with dry ice
  • * Do not consume when the drink is smoking.


  • Homemade White Sangria
    Semi dry white sangria, based on Sparkling
    Brut & Sauvignon Blanc fused with pineapple,
    peaches, oranges & lychees
  • Homemade Red Sangria
    Semi sweet red sangria, based on Shiraz &
    Pinot Noir blends with peaches, pineapple,
    oranges & apples
  • Jungle Juice
    Fruity, light mix of Bacardi & Midori served
    with fresh watermelon chunks,
    lime & pineapple juice
  • Strawberrylicious
    Tantalising blend of vodka, Bacardi, fresh
    apples & strawberries, finished with zesty
    lemon squash & cranberry juice finished
    with a touch of strawberry purée
  • Harbour Breeze
    Delicious blend of Passoa & Peach Schnapps,
    with mixed forest berries, fresh mint,
    cranberry & orange juice
  • Pimms Cooler
    The classic garden party jug…The timeless
    blend of Pimms, mix of fresh lemon, orange,
    strawberry, cucumber & lemonade


  • Lychee Bite
    Sweet & subtle marriage of Vanilla Vodka, Paraiso Lychee, cloudy apple & lemon juice
  • Mafia’s Kiss
    A fresh twist of Amaretto, Southern Comfort & topped with ginger ale
  • Jamaican Me Crazy
    Caribbean inspired fusion of Sailor Jerry, Disaronno, fresh lime, pineapple puree, dash of cherry bitters & finished with lemon squash
  • Chico Loco
    Fruity blend of Tequila, Rubis Strawberry, orange juice with a dash of lift, finished with a pinch of strawberry purée
  • Wicked Ice Tea
    A refreshing mix of Vanilla Vodka, Passoa, Paraiso Lychee, Peach Schnapps, topped with ginger ale & fresh mint
  • Midori Splice
    Delicious, tropical concoction of Midori & Malibu, topped with pineapple juice & dash of coconut cream, finished with fresh pineapple & cherry
  • Blue Bird
    For the sweet tooth.

    In house blend of Midori, Blue Curacao, sprite, fresh lime with few drops of grenadine.

    Served over ice & garnished with fresh fruits

  • Mango Slapper
    For the Pimms lovers.
    Fruity & crispy marriage of Gin, Pimms no.1
    & Mango Mohala Liquor, served over ice with
    slices of fresh cucumber, finished with ginger
    ale & mango purée on top. Perfect long drink


  • Fairy Floss Cosmo
    Sweet & potent blend of Vanilla Vodka,
    Cointreau, sours & cranberry juice, crowned
    with fairy floss & fresh strawberry
  • Baby Maker
    Dangerously addictive. Fall in love with
    flavours of Salted Caramel Vodka & Banana
    Liquor shaken hard with caramel sauce &
    pineapple juice
  • Crazy Melon Caipiroska
    Fresh & potent little beast. Van Gogh Melon
    Vodka shaken hard with crushed watermelon
    & fresh lime, served short over ice.
    Delicious & perfect anytime
  • Blackbird Ice Tea
    Prohibition classic with Blackbirds touch.
    Vanilla Vodka, Bacardi, Chambord and
    Malibu, shaken with a dash of lime & finished
    with sprite. Easy but with a kick
  • Not So Innocent
    This one will make your night!
    An amazing fusion of 42 Below Passionfruit
    Vodka, Malibu, dash of pineapple, peach
    bitters & fresh strawberries, shaken hard with
    dash of egg white
  • Paradise Daiquiri
    Stolen from God’s private collection. Truly,
    heavenly blend of fresh banana & passionfruit
    with White Rum, Passoa & Banana Liquor
    Served frozen and nished with flowers.
    The best, Amen!


  • Sun Touched
    A fresh & fruity mix of orange juice,
    strawberry purée, fresh lime & finished with a
    dash of mango purée. Served tall, over ice
    & garnished with fresh fruits
  • Lil Prank
    Discovered by accident. Fresh and our very
    blend of lavender syrup, fresh lime, soda &
    cloudy apple juice, served tall, over ice
  • Wonky Wicket
    Fizzy and delightful marriage of pink grapefruit
    juice, vanilla syrup, with a dash of passionfruit
    purée & lemon squash, served over ice
    & finished with dry fruits
  • Green Mary
    Invigorating combination of muddled
    cucumber, lime, mint & ginger beer
    with a pinch of salt & pepper. Verrrry nice.


  • After School Special
    Amazingly refreshing combination of
    cloudy apple juice, lemonade, fresh lemon
    & cucumber slices, finished with a touch of
    hazelnut syrup
  • Peach Punch
    Sweet & fruity marriage of pineapple &
    cranberry juices, combined with peach syrup
    & lime juice, served with cherries &
    pineapple slices



Perfect for team building, hen’s parties, or any other special occasion.

Blackbird has you covered with inhouse mixologist’s that will have you shaking the perfect cocktail in no time!

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$5 Markview House Wine,
Brut, Sauvignon Blanc & Shiraz

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