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Blackbird Café would like to introduce Mirko Cacciola, our Italian flair bartender and in house mixologist. Come try one of Mirko's signature cocktails and watch flairtending at its finest.

Mirko has designed most of the signature cocktails in Blackbirds menu. He approaches each new cocktail with the same disciple and passion as the one before. Mirko is always open to working with any ingredient and spirit and loves a good challenge. The way he constructs a recipe is from the ground up, and first and foremost he shows respect to the base spirit. He works with distinctive flavor profiles in spirits and at the same time is definitely heavily based in tradition.

Leaving his hometown at the age of 20 Mirko was keen to learn something new everyday. He has always wanted to leave his individual mark on everything he did. Working as head bartender for Blackbird Cafe has not changed that, in fact, according to him, it has helped him achieve his individuality. Let him shake up your night with one of over 70 cocktails.